Monitoring - Starting next week, we will begin to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) as a new step in the ProPay login process.

If your system only accesses ProPay with the API, this change will have no impact to you or your customers. The change will only affect users who log in to the ProPay Portal ( or, and will require them to enter a code received via email (or text) when signing in from an unrecognized location or device for the first time.

To better understand what MFA is, why we’re implementing it, and to see common questions and answers about it, you can visit the GP Help Center page about this topic:
May 26, 11:28 MDT
Investigating - We are aware of an issue with text invoices sent from the mobile app and website not being received. The screen will indicate the invoice has been sent, but the intended recipient does not receive a message. This only affects invoices sent via SMS text. Payment invoices sent via email continue to function normally. We are investigating and will provide an update as soon as we have more insight into the problem.
Jun 8, 18:29 MDT

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ProPay's home for current solution status, incidents, planned maintenance and solution release events.
ProPay regularly conducts maintenance at the following times:
Database: 3rd Thursday of the month between 3-3:30am MT
Infrastructure: Thursdays between 1am-3am Mountain Time. Last Thursday of each month between 1pm-3pm MT. This may include brief disconnects.
TEST environment patching: 1am-3am MT, typically on the 3rd or 4th Thursday.
TEST environment releases: 1600-1700MT, Tuesdays and Fridays.

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Integration TEST Environment Operational
Sandbox Test Environment - Future Releases Operational
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Degraded Performance
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Past Incidents
Jun 17, 2021
Completed - The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Jun 17, 03:30 MDT
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
Jun 17, 03:00 MDT
Scheduled - ProPay will perform its monthly database maintenance at Thursday, June 17 at 3am MT.
We anticipate less than 10 min of service interruption during this timeframe.
Jun 11, 10:54 MDT
Jun 16, 2021
Resolved - All phone line and voice mail issues have now been corrected. We sincerely regret any negative impacts this has had in your efforts to contact us for support.
Jun 16, 14:00 MDT
Monitoring - Our VOIP service provider has deployed a change to improve the behavior of our phone system ringing, and so we believe we've resolved this part of our phone troubles. Currently, we still do not receive voicemail messages, and we're working with our internal support groups to get that corrected. This only applies to the "option 1" business hours line; you can still leave a message on the option 2 line if escalation support doesn't pick up, and expect a call back within a relatively short period of time (please always send in a ticket for escalations, too). We have continued to make it a priority to answer calls promptly. If you have to call back more than twice, please email and let us know, and we will arrange to call you back. Thank you for being patient as work through these technical problems.
May 26, 11:55 MDT
Update - We are continuing to investigate this issue.
May 6, 11:03 MDT
Investigating - The phone lines for Client Support have not been ringing the team reliably and consistently. We have a ticket open with our VOIP provider and hope to correct the problem as quickly as possible. We apologize for the disruption. We will be sure to prioritize our responsiveness to emails sent to
May 5, 14:54 MDT
Completed - The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Jun 16, 04:00 MDT
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
Jun 16, 00:01 MDT
Scheduled - Due to failing tests, our deployment teams scuttled this morning's scheduled release. We have addressed the problems and plan to perform a new release tonight/tomorrow, from midnight to 4:00 AM Mountain Time. You can review the details of the release on the original maintenance notice page:

We do not anticipate any interruptions in service during this maintenance window.
Jun 15, 12:36 MDT
Jun 15, 2021
Completed - The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Jun 15, 05:00 MDT
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
Jun 15, 02:00 MDT
Update - This maintenance will happen a little earlier than the normally-scheduled time frame. It has been rescheduled for 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM Mountain Time.

To reiterate, we do not anticipate any interruption in service during this update window.
Jun 14, 16:34 MDT
Update - We will be undergoing scheduled maintenance during this time.
Jun 10, 14:37 MDT
Scheduled - On Tuesday, June 15th, between 02:00 and 05:00 (MDT), ProPay will perform platform maintenance, upgrading to version 21.06 on the live production system.

This update includes the following fixes and improvements:

* Bug fix: refunds returned by issuing banks will now automatically post back to merchant accounts (instead of requiring manual review).
* Improvement (notifications): password reset emails will include the ProPay AccountNum to help partners who manage these communications easily identify them.
* Improvement (API): TransType301 (Get Working Key for Mobile SDK) will no longer require X.509 authentication.
* Improvement (security): the system will send an email when ProPay manually updates bank account on the merchant or affiliate partner's behalf (to NotificationEmail).
* Improvement (compliance): multi-factor authentication will remember registered devices for 45 (instead of 90) days.
* Improvement (compliance): and sites will display cookie consent notifications to comply with GDPR and CCPA (already completed for, previously).

We anticipate no interruption in service during this update.
Jun 10, 14:36 MDT
Jun 14, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jun 13, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jun 12, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jun 11, 2021
Completed - The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Jun 11, 10:51 MDT
Scheduled - Attention ProPay Partners,

Starting June 1, ProPay will be reducing the duration of file retention on - where SFTP reports are delivered and generally available.

Initially, we will be reducing the data retention period to 2 years, and older files will be deleted.
The retention period may be further decreased in the future to 90 days or less. We will communicate again prior to any further such changes.

We anticipate little impact from this change, as partners should be regularly retrieving files from the site and storing them on their own systems, but encourage users to review and retrieve any needed files older than 2 years prior to June 1.

Please contact us with any questions regarding this change.
May 20, 11:32 MDT
Jun 10, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jun 9, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jun 8, 2021

Unresolved incident: SMS text invoices not transmitting.

Jun 7, 2021
Postmortem - Read details
Jun 15, 09:13 MDT
Resolved - After monitoring the traffic for a while we can determine that this was just a quick an isolated event
Jun 7, 19:10 MDT
Identified - Processor Connectivity Issue with TSYS SIERRA showed a quick drop in traffic for about a minute at 1:46 MT and affected less that 20 transactions.
Jun 7, 14:04 MDT
Investigating - We are aware of an issue that may impact your ability to process transactions or access our websites. The extent of the issue is not yet known, but our teams are assessing the severity of the issue we will provide an update shortly.
Jun 7, 13:48 MDT
Jun 6, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jun 5, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jun 4, 2021

No incidents reported.

Jun 3, 2021

No incidents reported.