Identified - New incident: Identified

We are actively researching why some Canadian merchants are receiving incorrect bank transfer descriptors. Please note this is is only affecting
how the deposits are being displayed on the statements. The correct amounts are still being routed to the correct banking information on file. We have recently started transitioning our mechanism for Canadian transfers and we believe this is related. We will continue to investigate the root cause and solution to this issue.
Nov 26, 13:17 MST
Monitoring - Any ProPay partners using AnywhereCommerce-supplied CX Bluetooth readers manufactured by BBPOS will need to apply a firmware update to these devices before January 1st, 2022. Without the firmware update, the readers will cease to function for processing at the end of the year. You may review this knowledge base article for more details:
Nov 15, 13:49 MST
Identified - Beginning in October, Visa began sending more specific response codes for some types of declines, replacing the generic 05 ("do not honor") code. The ProtectPay system failed to properly cover these new decline codes, resulting in some processing attempts now returning status 207 responses ("Gateway Internal system error") instead of the proper updated decline codes. In these declines, the API response of such transactions attempts include ResultMessage "Gateway Internal System Error (account setup improperly)".

We will correct this problem in the 2021.12.1 release on December 7th.

The following codes are new:

46 -- Closed account.
59 -- Suspected fraud.
82 -- Negative online CAM, dCVV, iCVV, or CVV results, or Offline PIN authorization interrupted (Note: previously, ProPay mapped this to 99 ("generic decline (international merchants)").
143 -- Customer data failed (corresponds to "6P" from Visa)

We will update the ProtectPay-API-Appendix-A-Responses document (section 2.4, "Status Codes Returned by Payment Method Issuer") to include these new codes. Reference link:

For partner systems that treat all ProtectPay responses with Transaction.ResultCode.ResultCode other than 00 (success) as issuer declines/rejections, it may be unnecessary to make any adjustments, but we recommend confirming that with your development teams.

Sample ProtectPay response JSON for this type of decline:
"Transaction":{"AVSCode":"T","AuthorizationCode":"","CurrencyConversionRate":1.0,"CurrencyConvertedAmount":46,"CurrencyConvertedCurrencyCode":"USD","ResultCode":{"ResultValue":"FAILURE","ResultCode":"46","ResultMessage":"Closed Account"},"TransactionHistoryId":"987654","TransactionId":"1","TransactionResult":"Declined","CVVResponseCode":"NotPresent","GrossAmt":null,"NetAmt":null,"PerTransFee":null,"Rate":null,"GrossAmtLessNetAmt":null},"RequestResult":{"ResultValue":"FAILURE","ResultCode":"46","ResultMessage":"Closed Account"}}]}
Nov 4, 12:24 MDT

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Nov 26, 2021
Resolved - This incident has been resolved.
Nov 26, 11:53 MST
Monitoring - We are aware of an issue that is preventing some transactions from being processed.

Our teams were able to identify an unhealthy application node. They were able to quickly address the problem by removing this problem node from the pool. We do not anticipate any more related problems, but will continue to monitor the situation before resolving this incident.
Nov 26, 10:35 MST
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This release only applies to future internal GPN integrations, and should have no impact to existing partners.
Nov 15, 13:28 MST
Nov 15, 2021

Unresolved incident: REQUIRED: AnywhereCommerce BBPOS Walker card readers need a firmware update by end of 2021.